Dead easy data access

Based on Facebook GraphQL, the Alambic project aims to provide to PHP developers a powerful data API with:

  • elegant, hierarchical, declarative data models
  • simple and unified query language, handling complex relations
  • single endpoint API, dispatched to heterogeneous data sources
  • built-in, extensible middlewares to add application logic

Alambic is framework agnostic, so it will play nice with your preferred PHP framework/library: Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework…

Core Concepts

SQL, NoSQL, hierarchical, search indexes, besides pro’s and con’s of each db technology, the web is evolving as a composite aggregation of various data sources. Each web page or mobile application needs to request a growing number of heterogeneous data sources, leading to multiple ad-hoc endpoints or custom libraries implementations.

Client-driven queries eliminates the need to handle separately each data source, delegating efficient and cross dbs data fetching to the Alambic server.

The core system relies on a declarative and strong-types data model, which describes the types of objects that can be returned and the relations between them.

Here is a type object description:

Type example

  "data": {
    "hero": {
      "name": "R2-D2"