Let’s build a basic Alambic server from scratch.

Server Requirements

To use Alambic make sure that your server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP >= 5.5.x

Package Installation

The recommended way to install this package, is through composer.

If you have not yet installed Composer, refer to this documentation.

To start using Alambic in your project, you need to create a composer.json file that describes where to fetch the Alambic library.

After creating composer.json you can install the Alambic running:

php composer.phar install

Alambic and its dependancies should now be downloaded in the /vendor directory.

Create data files

Before creating our Alambic server, we need some data to query. Our data will consist of two json files: Users and Posts.

Create the following files in a /data directory

Once Alambic is installed and our basic data source is set, we can now configure your First Data Model.